Sorry to hear that another business is closing down in Calgary. Buon Giorno was one of my favorite restaurants and I'm sure that it was an iconic Italian restaurant in Calgary, loved by many others. It was opened in 1987 and later the restaurant was owned by Gabriele Battistessa for decades. The renowned Italian chef Gabriele Battistessa established the restaurant very well and brought it up to its finest and he retired in June 2016 but sadly only a few months later passed away after battle with cancer. The property was sold to Arlington Street Investments, and they found another person to continue the restaurant for nearly four years until now. Beginning of last year, the City granted the application for change of use for a Cannabis Store for this…

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Since the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic 20 days ago, there were
- 1,158 new listings
- 722 sold listings
- 79 pending/conditional sale! (Plus, undisclosed conditional sold listings.)

The market is still moving!
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